Our Services

Dedicated Account Manager

Your practice will have a dedicated account manager and follow-up team with extensive experience in the dermatology medical billing fields. All our staff are well versed in coding processes, and many of our account managers are also certified coders.

Reporting Dashboard

Our reporting process enables you to have a clear picture of your practice’s financial activity. Your personal biller provides you with daily financial reports, monthly reviews, and customized statements for a detailed picture of your practice’s financial health. Personal quarterly meetings with your billing manger provide the opportunity to address any issues.

Front Desk Training

Improve your front desk performance with our staff training or retraining, customized for the issues we encounter with your billing needs. Training may include insurance eligibility, prior authorization, proper referrals, plan participation, and proper modifier use.

Soft Collections

Our patients have a growing number of demands placed on their time, all vying for their attention every day. It’s no longer enough to simply send a statement to remind them to pay which can get easily lost. Our experts help our clients collect more of their patient balances using such proven methods as text to pay, email, & phone calls. Using technology to our advantage we can also add payment links to our clients’ websites allowing patients to add their credit card for transactions, improving the patient experience by making their journey easier and faster. We charge a nominal fee for this value-added service.

Patient Statements & Patient Calls

With Derm Care Billing Consultants serving as your point of contact for billing, your staff can take patient statements off their to-do list, and your patients will always have their calls answered.

Provider Credentialing

Our team assists with credentialing of new providers as well as re-credentialing existing providers for new and old plans.

Old Account Receivables Recovery

Recover lost revenue with a team dedicated to pursuing old accounts receivable.

Fee Schedule Analysis

We analyze your fee schedule and payer mix to help you make decisions that can maximize your insurance payments.

See how your practice compares to the national benchmarks