Dermatology Billing Services

DCBC provides our expert Dermatology Billing Services for Dermatology practices. Account Managers, Provider Credentialing, Dashboard Reporting, Front House Training, Medical Coding and more. Dermcare offers a complete Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) service.

Dedicated Account Manager

Your practice will have a dedicated account manager and follow-up team with extensive billing experience in the field of Dermatology. All our staff at Derm Care Billing Consultants are well versed in coding processes, and many of our account managers are also certified coders.

Provider Credentialing

Our medical billing team assists with credentialing of new providers as well as re-credentialing existing providers for new and old plans. Provider credentialing services are vital to your dermatology practice because the credentialing process and provider enrollment are what ensure you’ll be paid for the work you do.

Dashboard Reporting

Our reporting process enables you to have a clear picture of your practice’s financial activity. Your personal biller provides you with daily financial reports, monthly reviews, and customized statements for a detailed picture of your practice’s financial health. Personal quarterly meetings with your billing manager provide the opportunity to address any issues.

See how your practice compares to the national benchmarks for dermatology billing

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Derm Care Billing Consultants Dermatology Billing

Who We Are

Derm Care Billing Consultants LLC is a NYC based medical billing company dedicated exclusively to the specialty of dermatology.  Founded by a successful medical billing company owner and a dermatology consultant aware of the need for focused dermatology medical billing, our combined knowledge and experience is over 35 years in dermatology care. Our company mission statement is very simple: Derm Care provides the highest level of personal service with the most experienced dermatology billers, using the latest billing technology to offer each client the highest collection rate possible.

By choosing DCBC , you will reduce staff overheads & benefits, decrease errors and claim rejections, and most importantly, increase cash flow. Our highly experienced team will take some weight off your front of house and your management team, by handling the billing side. We don’t just serve as a vendor, we worked hand in hand with our clients teams, committed to your success and peace of mind.  This expanded support goes far beyond traditional RCM services. Choosing us means choosing a partner who is deditcated to your success in every aspect of your business. That is what makes us a great RCM partner.

Nobody does dermatology medical billing better then DCBC!

Our practice has been using Derm Care Billing Consultants for more than five years. We have a very large practice, with eight locations and more than a dozen providers. The DCBC staff has been very responsive as well as knowledgeable. They are very meticulous to details and have been a pleasure to work with.

Brunette man in black suit jacket
Loyd Godwin
MD | Connecticut Skin Health, LLP

The team at Derm Care Billing Consultants have not only saved our practice countless hours, they have saved us thousands of dollars. The billing/coding expertise of Derm Care Billing Consultants is above all others I have worked with. Our dedicated billing specialist is always available for coding questions and insurance payment inquires. Their thorough approach to the very tedious processes of checking eligibility, verifying deductibles, submitting claims, and posting payments has been effortless for our staff. What an absolute pleasure and relief to have DCBC on our team!

Brunette women in cream sweater
Robyn Segreti
Practice Manager | CompleteSkinMD

I've been working with Terry and his team in various iterations since starting my practice nearly 13 years ago.  He's always available, has great insights, and knows his stuff when it comes to billing (no one knows billing better!).  He maintains an active role with his team members and always has a finger on the pulse of his clients.  Simply stated, I sleep easier knowing Terry and his team have an eye on my receivables. 

Smiling man in grey suit jacket
Adarsh Vijay Mudgil
MD | Mudgil Dermatology

Derm Care Billing Consultants has helped my practice in so many ways. They were able to assist me in getting my practice up and running. With so many new issues arising as a start up, they have gone above and beyond to help me and my staff. They are extremely dependable and a pleasure to work with.

Brunette woman in white coat
Kerri Davis-Fontenot
MD | The Gallery Derm

I have known Terry for about 10 years. He took over billing from an in-house biller in my practice. Ever since, I do not have to worry-all bills are submitted on time, followed through, and the money due is collected. Terry is very knowledgeable and works with an excellent staff and they always respond to questions. Best of all, unlike many billing companies, the billing software allows us to see what was submitted and what was paid, same as if it was our own office software. I recommend him very highly. 

Red haired woman in white coat
Judith Hellman
MD | Hellman Dermatology
Stephen T. Greenberg
The team at Derm Care Billing Consultants is always on top of our needs and provides a quick response. They are efficient and work well with our office staff to ensure that the billing is timely and accurate. Highly recommend.
Rhiannon Terese
I have had an excellent relationship with DCBC from the beginning. Terry and his team have extensive experience with Dermatology and skilled billing. They are very easy to reach and return calls promptly. Terry, Jocelyn and Indy take the time to answer all of my many questions about the process and my patient accounts. All requested reports are detailed, accurate, and timely. I would highly recommend them from any independent practice as well as large groups. Thank You for your excellent service!
Melissa Delfino
Derm Care Billing Consultants provide a stellar service. They assist us with submitting to insurance, collecting payments from our patients, etc. Their staff is extremely friendly and attentive to detail. Anytime I have a questions they are easily accessible. It is an absolute pleasure working with them!
Rao Saladi
Terry and his team are very knowledgeable, experts in their field of medical billing, credentialing and AR. At SINY dermatology their involvement significantly improved our cash flow, and insurance reimbursements. Their recommendations on utilizing various technologies a way to improve our daily functions, processes substantially decreased staffing issues and the stress it imposes on the management and staff alike. Having to work with Terry for over two decades, I can only say he is a genuine, person with character and integrity. My management team and I highly recommend his team for your medical revenue cycle management needs.
Adarsh Vijay Mudgil, M.D.
Great team who gets the job done! I've known Terry, the owner, for well over a decade. When it comes to billing, there is no one better!

Need Dermatology Billing Assistance?
Contact Derm Care Billing Solutions

If you are looking for a dermatology consultant to provide , then look no further! Derm Care Billing Consultants can provide you with our expert team of Account Managers and Medical Coding Specialists, who will handle all your billing needs. The word consultants in our name is our promise of the personal attention and expert advice you will get with us. That is what makes us different.

Our in-house team of seasoned professionals includes certified coders, billers, managers and front office staff. This deep pool of expertise allows us to deliver not just RCM services, but also additional benefits like credentialing, practice consulting and compliance chart reviews. We also leverage our extensive experience, and actively connect our clients with a network of highly qualified marketing specialists, software providers and industry experts.

Dermatology practices who have partnered with DCBC have benefitted in a multiude of ways. These include fewer denied claims, better cash flow, and happier patients. Our Google reviews say it all! Every dermatology practice has that one RCM issue that is a thorn in their side. That challange that, if overcome, can be a game changer for you practice. That is where we come in.

If you have RCM challenges, and are unsure on how to solve them, then please reach out and share that challenge with our team. We can begin a dialogue and take the first step to helping you, and giving you peace of mind in regards to your billing. You will be surprised how quickly you will see improved results.

Let us manage your RCM, so you can get back to focussing on who really matters, your clients! Reach out today!