Managing Patients with Patience

Dermatology practice care requires more than just a knowledgeable medical provider at the forefront. Customer service is an integral part of the patient experience, particularly when those patients are undergoing medical procedures at your practice. They may understandably be nervous, worried, concerned – perhaps even a little afraid. They may also be coming to you desperate to have their health concerns addressed but unaware of what may or may not be covered by their insurance plans or how much certain services may cost. For both of these reasons, you’ll want to dedicate time and patience to managing patients! That includes patient calls, patient statements, patient collections and let’s not forget, patient maintenance while in your offices and under your direct care! 

DermCare Billing Consultants, (DCBC) can help you manage your patients with patience because we have over 35 years experience helping dermatology practitioners just like you. Relieving your front office staff of having to handle elements of the patient relationship experience just makes good sense. You want your team of professional nurses, administration and office employees focussed on patient wellness. Give your employees the tools they need to be successful in managing the patient experience while DCBC takes care of managing patient statements, collections calls and even general query calls from patients. Examples might include:


Before any procedure, there is a registration process. DCBC experts collect, collate and enter all patient data, accurately using their up to date coding knowledge and smoothing the patient registration experience. 


While your front office staff attend to “hands-on” patient care, we take care of direct billing. We know codes. We also know insurance companies! We’ll make sure that invoicing for services is done in a timely manner, submitted correctly the first time and reduce overall claims errors while also increasing collections on receivables.


We don’t make mistakes but if somewhere along the way a detail was missed, a patient’s name misspelled or some type of incident prevents your access to patient files, we’ve got the back ups and systems in place to ensure collections can still happen and that you’ll still get paid. 

Acting as your billing point of contact for patients takes the pressure away from your office administration and allows them to focus their attention on patient care. Overall, your customer service satisfaction levels will improve and any customer frustration around outstanding accounts is directed at the DermCare team not your own! Patient calls will always get answered this way – whether to our team regarding an invoice or to a member of your team regarding important health concerns. Let DCBC handle your patient statements, and take the load off your staff. When the workload is balanced, that’s how you manage patients with patience!