Dermatology Fee Schedules and
Medicare Fee Schedules:
What You Need To Know

A dermatology fee schedule helps both you and your clients to understand – and/or appropriately invoice – for the time, services and treatments delivered and received. Perhaps more importantly, particularly when it comes to Medicare, the dermatology fee schedule will also determine what you will be paid by Medicare. In fact, most often it is the Medicare dermatology fee rates that in turn will influence (at least in part) the rates that will be charged and paid for, and by, managed care (insurance) providers. That’s a long way of saying it’s important you understand both the dermatology fee schedule (and how it influences your own fees) and the current medicare dermatology fee schedule, in order that you can set your own fees accordingly. What you also need to know is that a fee schedule analysis by the experts at DermCare Billing Consultants could help. 

What You Need To Know

It’s critical for your bottom line that you set your dermatology fee schedule to be as accessible as possible to your intended clientele and that it is in line with what insurance providers and medicare are willing to pay. It isn’t enough to just “set and forget” fees. Rather, a fulsome analysis is what’s truly necessary to know what makes sense for your dermatology practice.

DermCare Billing Consultants can analyze both your fee schedule and your payer mix to ensure you maximize your reimbursement potential compared against your services provided. With potential changes recently announced to the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule and scheduled to take place in 2023, now really is the time to enhance or revise your dermatology fee schedule accordingly. Much of the proposed changes are in line with the current philosophy of making the health care system more equitable and accessible.

How DermCare Billing can help with fee schedules and analysis.

  • Consider a fee schedule analysis done by experts in the field of dermatology billing and payment collections. A company like DermCare Billing Consultants. At DermCare Billing, this is all we do – dermatology billing and services where we work together with dermatology practices to help maximize efficiencies.
  • DermaCare Billing Consultants help clients to understand that both your dermatology fee schedule, and your mix of payers, will both influence the bottom line of your practice.  While the two may pay differently, the work of your practice and its administration remains the same. Not having a DCBC billing expert help identify and understand the medicare dermatology fee schedule alongside the dermatology fee schedule could result in mistakes in billing and coding and/or impact what you are paid, when you are paid, and how you collect on misidentified fee errors.
  • Consider that a fee schedule analysis completed by DermCare Billing Consultants will identify gaps and opportunities to improve your practice’s fee schedule and rates of successful collection. DCBC will also highlight opportunities to streamline your administrative, office management and back-end practices to maximize efficiencies in billing and payment recovery efforts. 
  • Together with you, the DermCare team helps clarify that taking all of these factors under advisement will allow you to make an informed decision about aligning your fee schedule appropriately against both the current dermatology and medicare dermatology fee schedules, in a way that will ultimately benefit your practice. 

We believe changing the way you bill will change the way you get paid. The team at DermCare Billing Consultants only provides dermatology medical billing services so we are uniquely positioned to help you make the best decisions resulting in maximum insurance payments, medicare or otherwise!