Dermatology Practice Management Starts with a Dedicated Account Manager!

The practice of dermatology is hard work but managing your practice shouldn’t be. That’s where we come in. We are a dermatology practice management company dedicated to your success. Dealing with complicated dermatology medical billing is our speciality and utilizing our dermatology practice management expertise ensures you have a dedicated account manager with extensive experience in dermatology billing at all times.
Your dedicated account manager will handle all the details of onboarding your dermatology practice to our Derm Care Billing Consultants Team. Your personal and dedicated account manager is also backed by an outstanding team of professionals who are fully versed in dermatology coding processes. We are intensivists – dermatology practice management is ALL we do.
What’s more, in addition to having your own dermatology billing manager, many of our account managers are also certified coders; meaning, WE KNOW CODES!

We use the latest in dermatology practice management company software ensuring YOU obtain the maximum return on your collection rates. That’s because together with our team, and acting as – or in tandem with – your dermatology billing manager, we will:

  • Reduce coding errors
  • Increase in-office efficiencies and dermatology billing practices
  • Assist with patient onboarding and training new hires and existing staff
  • Reduce your denied claims experience
  • Increase recovery on delinquent accounts
  • Increase your receivables and your cash flow
  • Find gaps in your practice revenue cycle and
  • Walk you through monthly reporting of your performance

Dermatology practice management just got a whole lot easier with Derm Care Billing Consultants acting as your preferred dermatology practice management company. Talk to us today about how having a dedicated account manager provides you with the highest level of expertise, customized and personalized to your specific practice.

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