Medical Front Office Staff Training, Why It Matters and How DCBC Can Help!

Do you feel like your practice is in need of Front Desk Training?

Going through an onboarding process for front office administrative staff shouldn’t be an arduous process, nor should you assume a candidate arrives fully trained. These two words (arduous and assumed) sometimes stop front desk training before it ever gets started, either because you might think it will be too much hard work, or that the qualified candidate you’ve hired really doesn’t need much training. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. An effective onboarding process for front office medical staff training is critical, both to your customer service reputation and to your bottom line. That’s why an effective front desk training program such as the programs we offer at DermCare Billing Consultants, are so important and why we’ll also include conversations about medical billing and insurance office manager training too.  

A Primer on DCBC’s Approach to Highly Effective Front Desk Training Programs: 

Why you must include the following:  

  • The DCBC Team knows that training begins with an optimal job description and exceptional candidate matching opportunity. In other words, before you train, you need to HIRE WELL. DCBC has you start with a clear identification of job duties and responsibilities before you even begin the recruitment process! This will ensure you’ll be very targeted with your hiring, increasing your success rate and making the training process smoother.
  • Next, DermCare knows that no matter how qualified the candidate, you’ll need to help them get familiar with YOUR office, YOUR systems and YOUR clients and expectations. The DermCare Billing Consultants team knows your business because we have dedicated account specialists who understand your business every step of the way. From providing financial analysis, skilled coding and medical billing, to helping train your front desk staff, WE can help YOUR team succeed. 
  • DCBC also knows that while hard skills can be taught, soft skills such as compassion, empathy, good customer service and more, all come from the top. They are the expectations you both establish for your employee team but also model from the top down by your own actions and behaviors. That said, we make it easier for you to focus on the soft skills because we take care of the hard ones. Our technical expertise is second to none and we know how to help your staff achieve the level of competency required to become efficient experts at medical coding.
  • Medical billing and understanding insurance coding are challenging. DermCare understands that medical office staff training with a focus on detailed records-keeping from the moment a client first comes through the door is crucial. Here’s why:
    • From recording a patient’s name, address and phone number accurately, to confirming their insurance or medicare coverages, policy numbers and alternative payment methods such as credit cards, each are critical steps in the medical billing process. 
    • That’s because it isn’t just misidentified codes that can result in claims rejections but also, any other errors in the accounts process from beginning to end could all result in a rejection. Having back-up alternative payment methods and/or a means of tracing back where and how errors occurred is important.
  • Continuous tracking of changes to dermatology medical coding and insurance office expectations are also crucial to rates of repayment. DermCare Billing Consultants offer ongoing training in this area because it isn’t a “nice” to have, it’s a “need” to have. Coding can be a full time job and accuracy is paramount. If you don’t think your team is ready or you’d like to utilize their skills elsewhere. DCBC also provides coding services for you.

Front desk training is as important to your dermatology practice as the skills of the medical professionals treating your patients. We offer customized front office medical staff training programs that are designed for YOUR success. Medical billing and insurance claims management can be difficult. Training your front office staff as part of the onboarding process, or going through a retraining/refreshing of skills opportunity for your employees, we will share skill set knowledge on insurance eligibility, prior authorization, plan participation, coding and more, all based on our thorough assessment of your exact billing needs. 

Even better, if you need your front office medical staff to focus on patient care and customer service, you can rely on our fully qualified medical billing team who use the latest in medical billing technology to ensure you get the highest rates of return. We will decrease errors, increase collection rates, reduce claims rejections and thereby also increase your revenue. Use the best, DermCare Medical Billing Specialists.