Denial Management
Lower Your Claims Denial Rates in Your Dermatology Practice

You work hard for your patients and deliver on all of their dermatology concerns. Now it’s time to get paid for those services, and all you see stamped on a piece of paper is “denied.” You don’t know why, you’re just trying to collect payment for dermatology services rendered, and the insurers don’t seem to care. What can you do to lower your claims denial rates in your dermatology practice and, in doing so – improve your practice’s efficiency and bottom-line rates of return? Working with a dermatology billing company like DCBC can show you how to practice it well in order to decrease denials and increase insurer payments. Collecting and effective claims denial management has never been as important as now. 

Claim denial rates are often (though not only) a direct result of inaccuracies in coding. Determining through prior authorization what will or won’t be paid, verifying insurance eligibility in the first place, front desk training and accuracy in coding claims – each is also an important element in the prevention of claims denials. According to recently published studies, claims denials are at an all-time high and between your claims denial rates and COVID-19, your practice might be absorbing a significant hit to its bottom line. 

Four Key Ways DCBC Helps Practitioners with Denial Management and Lower Claims Denial in Dermatology

  • Attention to detail at every step, from patient enrollment to coding and billing the insurer through to final claims collection.
  • Continuous improvement through training and by enhancing office procedures as well as ongoing UPDATED training of your front desk, collections and administrative staff.
  • Helping to submit claims in a timely manner is another way DCBC helps ensure there are no valid reasons whatsoever to deny a claim. Many insurers have specific rules around the timing of claims submissions. We’ll help make sure they are being followed in your practice. 
  • Use of our software solutions and analysts to manage the dermatology claims process for you. Enhanced software tools make it easier and more efficient for staff to lower rates of denial by performing tasks according to specifically designed and guided dermatology claims software. 

We are qualified providers who know coding AND dermatology – because that’s all we do; increase your bottom line by lowering your claims denial rates because we are specialists in the industry. Choosing, as part of your practice management, to specifically focus on lowering your claims denial rates will call attention to existing processes and procedures and allow you to identify what is working well and what isn’t. It will help to highlight the opportunities to lower your claims denial rates by highlighting any flaws with your existing systems. Denial management is an important part of your practice. Don’t deny paying attention to it, and get some help along the way!