Dermatology Collection Services
How to Increase Soft Collections of Patient Balances

Whether you have been in business for many years or are just starting out with your dermatology practice, the issue of patient balances and the efficient collection of those balances is an industry-wide concern. Soft collections and strategies that help you to get paid for services, are an important part of your business. Increasing your collections for dermatology services helps to improve your bottom line and ensure you’re operating on your patients and operating efficiently and effectively in your business.

Statements with patient balances alone are a form of soft collections but often not enough to ensure that an actual patient balance collection will take place.  Collecting patient balances often takes more than a statement, phone call, or even just one person. Sometimes it helps to have a team behind you. DCBC helps to effectively collect patient balances, using multiple collections techniques to enhance your collecting ability.

Ways DCBC Will Help Collect Dermatology Patient Balances

  • Provide your front office team with the training to properly collect all applicable patient information accurately (addresses, correct spelling of names, DOB, etc.). This includes properly recording the existence or absence of insurance.
  • Provide training to your staff to ensure any applicable deductibles are clearly explained upfront.
  • Training staff on coding for insurance carriers – completing forms the first time, on time and accurately helps increase dermatology collections.
  • We also offer other increased collections services for dermatology practitioners, such as text-to-pay, email and phone calls. Even adding payment links to your website will make it fast and simple for patient collections and will smooth the dermatology collections process.  All things we can help with!

The right soft collections process and team is an efficient method of enhancing and increasing your collection of patient balances. Sometimes all it takes is a friendly reminder call, a text or emailed statement to prompt a patient to pay. That’s why it’s so important all the information you collect from the moment of their first visit is so vital. Increase collections for your dermatology practice by hiring highly trained administrative staff with strong customer service and attention to detail background, like DermCare Billing Consultants. We’ll add to your bottom line with an increased patient collection of outstanding balances, putting more money in your pocket sooner!