Provider Credentialing Lightens Your Workload and Improves Your Rate of Return!

Provider credentialing services are vital to your dermatology practice because the credentialing process and provider enrollment are what ensure you’ll be paid for the work you do. How? It’s simple; credentialing new providers and re-credentialing existing providers accomplishes several important goals including.

How Does Provider Credentialing work?

Provider Credentialing establishes your proficiency (and your licensing credentials) to practice. It also improves your ability to invoice your clients, in a timely matter. Improve your scope of practice (what you can or cannot bill for) to help separate you, as a licensed professional, from those who are not! Understanding the purpose, process and potential of this process is key to your practice success. 

Purpose of dermatology credentialing:

The purpose behind provider credentialing companies is to verify those in your practice – the nurses, doctors and other medical professionals that comprise your team – have the proper training, licensing and experience to provide dermatology related services. Companies like ours specialize in dermatology credentialing because dermatology is a unique speciality requiring a certified specialist who knows and understands the medical and cosmetic procedures you provide and more specifically, the CODES behind these services that allow you to invoice for them appropriately. 

Our Process:

Credentialing services for providers looks like this:

  • We’ll collect all the information needed to process your application. 
  • This will include your academic and professional credentials, your CV, proof of insurance, practice ID, tax number, your social security number and more.
  • We’ll work with you to identify the insurance companies you hope to partner with and who will pay you, as well as ensure you have all credentialing for Medicaid and /or Medicare where appropriate. 
  • Provider credentialing specialists like the DermCare team will also ensure all other responsibilities have been met such as having any hospital privileges verified, another important step in the billing/paid cycle.

Benefits of provider credentialing and enrollment:

  • Completing the credentialing process is proof and validation that you are licenced to provide the services you offer and can therefore submit invoices for payment of those services.
  • Submitting credentialing applications to insurance payers that are audited (everything is completed properly) results in an enrollment number that every member of your team will then use when submitting invoices to ensure you are paid. 
  • The greater the accuracy of your credentialing process, the greater your rate of return on paid claims vs denied. 

Get paid appropriately for your services using certified provider credentialing specialist Derm Care Billing Consultants. With your education, experiences and skill sets verified by a thorough certified credentialing process, your practice will thrive!

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Provider Credentialing