Medical Coding For Dermatology

Whether you call it dermatology coding or medical coding for dermatology, the end result is the same. Our coders specialize in dermatology coding, ensuring you and your dermatology practice get paid for your services quickly and efficiently. Having a derm coding consult and working with a derm coder will also significantly decrease denied payment of claims! Using accurate medical coding will get you paid accurately! It’s very likely, that you’ll get paid faster, too, so having a team onboard that understands medical coding for dermatology just makes good business sense. 

Why You Need a Dermatology Coding Consult

  • Dermatology coding is the use of specific codes for specific types of dermatology procedures. We are derm coding consultants offering the highest level of expertise in coding for billing purposes because that’s all we do. 
  • We are dermatology medical coding specialists, operating the most up to date derm coding software, operated by a team of derm coders with many years of experience behind them. 
  • In fact, many of our team are actually certified medical coders.  
  • Medical coders play a role in collecting and analyzing data related to patient diagnoses, treatments, and outcomes. This data can be used to improve patient care, identify trends, and make strategic decisions for the practice.

More Reasons to use DCBC for Medical Coding

  • Coding accuracy is paramount because it’s what gets you paid quickly, efficiently and effectively. 
  • Accuracy in coding eliminates the potential for denied claims, delays in payment of claims and/or having to resubmit claims that were previously denied. 
  • DCBC is constantly staying up to date with Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes. CPT is used to standardize the reporting of medical, surgical, and diagnostic services provided by healthcare providers. Developed and maintained by the American Medical Association (AMA), CPT codes are used to accurately describe and categorize medical procedures and services for billing, reimbursement, and data analysis purposes.

Medical coding experts reduce the amount of work in-house administration have to dedicate to coding and claims, freeing them up to provide better bedside care, enhanced customer service, more streamlined office and registration processes and more effective day to day office management. Such increased efficiencies throughout your office will impact your bottom line positively – saving you time and money simply by outsourcing your coding to our team of knowledgeable, friendly medical coders. 

Your practice can use our coding experts not just to submit claims but to help with claims management on an ongoing basis. 

  • We can correct and reprocess rejected claims, even those that occurred before engaging with our team of specialists 
  • We manage posting insurance payments, accounts receivables and collections as well. 

Contact Us for Expert Medical Coders

Derm Care Billing Consultants will handle all the issues in your practice that are related to dermatology coding because – We. Know. Codes! 

Contact us today so we can take the responsibility of accurate coding off the hands of your team, and allow them to focus on patient care, leading to increased efficiency in the practice.

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