Do you have Old Accounts Receivable You’d Love To Collect On and Close? We Can Help.

Collecting is hard work. It’s often one of the most “dreaded” tasks for a dermatology practitioner or their staff because it often means making many phone calls, sending emails or text messages and even results in sending “snail mail” inquiries. Often too, such attempts at old accounts receivable collections result in some “not so nice” conversations with your former patients. If you are stuck in a never-ending collecting loop, trying to collect on old accounts receivables so you can close out the customer account, DCBC’s dermatology consultants just might be able to help.

Old accounts receivable are revenue lost if you just leave them uncollected. No one likes to see money left unaccounted for and chances are your dermatology practice incurred expenses related to performing the procedures for which you are now trying to collect. It’s time you focussed on your old accounts receivables by utilizing DCBC to help you collect and close on those delinquent accounts!

What Could You Do Instead To Start Collecting on Old Accounts Receivables? Contact DCBC.

  • DermCare Billing Consultants can improve you dermatology billing because we know how to code. Meaning your chances improve for a reduction in invoicing errors. In turn, this will automatically translate into fewer collections calls being required in the first place! 
  • Have the DCBC team review your practice’s biling procedures, streamline them for efficiencies and have us collect on old accounts receivables BEFORE they become truly old. Because we have the staff – and the expertise – we are specialists in collecting on old accounts receivable.
  • Utilize DCBC to train your own staff in fast, efficient coding and maximize your return on this investment by minimizing claims denials and having your claims paid promptly.
  • Better yet, eliminate the middle persons and just have DCBC provide your dermatology practice with customized accounting, front-office and sound, budgetary decision making assistance.

Because dermatology billing is all we do at DBCB, we have a fully qualified team of dermatology consultants who are always at the ready to support you through your collections journey. Our accuracy and attention to detail is second to none. If you’d like to start collecting on your old accounts receivables, contact us. We’ll make sure there’s NO outstanding money left on the table!