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Opening a Successful Dermatology Practice

Is Your Dermatology Practice Is Just Getting Started, We Can Help!

Follow These Five Start-Up Strategies for Opening a Successful Dermatology Practice

If you’re a highly sought after skin care specialist whose goal is opening a successful dermatology practice; we’re a team of dedicated medical billing experts with a combined 35 years of dermatology specific skills and experience. We can help you succeed, not only at doing what you love, but also getting paid for it promptly. This helpful guide will explain what you need to do first, suggest follow up tips and tools and shares how to start a dermatology medical practice.

These Five Guidelines are Your Gateway to Success:

1. Have a Plan

No doubt you’ve been thinking about this moment for years. You’ve gone to school, gained experience, perhaps even done a rotation or two in your local hospital, and have finalized the credentialing process. You’re ready for the next step – opening your own dermatology clinic. Having a dream is good but having a plan is even better. You need to show financiers your plan is well thought out, that you’ve researched the market in your area, you’ve identified a service gap you are prepared to fill and have an ideal location already picked out. Ensure all the variables are considered such as:

  • Overall equipment costs (both now and anticipated future costs)

  • Staffing

  • Permits, Licensing Fees and Understanding HIPPA Compliance

  • Renting or Buying a Property – What works best for your business as you are just starting out?

  • Overall start up costs – it’s better to overestimate what you’ll need. Asking for more will help to ensure you can cover the weekly expenses of managing the practice until the money starts flowing.

2. Obtain Capital

With your business plan in place now you can approach lenders. Consider whether any government grants or loans might be available to you? Venture capital, private equity, banks or investors should all be viewed as opportunities for you to raise the funds you need. Thinking outside of the box or combining sources of funding – allows you to spread both the risk and the reward while also utilizing a variety of small funding sources to raise all the cash you need.

3. What’s Your Niche?

Specializing can be very lucrative. Becoming known in your area as the resident expert in a particular type of dermatology care will help boost your practice to the next level. Consider what services are already available locally and how you can augment or improve upon them. Capitalize on your speciality with outstanding marketing including engaging with social media, blogging, traditional advertising methods like billboards and ads in the paper and keep track of your online reviews and scores on sites like WebMD so you can rectify concerns or answer questions quickly.

4. Hire The Right People

Dermatology is a highly specialized field. You worked hard to get where you are today, now surround yourself with people that will help you succeed. First impressions matter so make sure you have nursing staff, a reception manager and clinic employees that know, understand and appreciate the value of exceeding patient expectations as well as you do.

5. Outsource Anything That’s Not In Your “Wheelhouse!”

If billing, accounting services, marketing and advertising or managing social media are not “in your wheelhouse” and/or you’re just not interested in managing these functions in addition to treating dermatology patients, outsource anything, like billing, that you don’t know how, or don’t want to do. An excellent skin care specialist is one who also knows their strength lies in working with clients to manage their disease and skin care needs not balancing their books. Use trusted experts to manage the day to day duties of your practice.

What We Do

  • At Derm Care Billing Consultants we’ll help you understand the steps to opening a successful dermatology practice and how to run a medical clinic successfully.

  • Starting fresh is exciting yet daunting at the same time. You need some expert guidance along the way. Our team is comprised of dedicated, experienced dermatologic billing specialists using the latest in billing technology to manage your claims, payments, insurance submissions, accounts receivable and we can even manage denials and the appeals process for you.

  • We’ll put systems in place for your clinic to ensure your medical practice operates smoothly, with our personalized service and excellent attention to detail.

  • In addition, we are fully certified by the American Medical Billing Association. Why struggle with details like codes, HIPAA compliance, insurance denials and appeals? Get reimbursed instead using our reliable, professional and secure billing services.