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What Services Do Derm Care Billing Consultants Offer?

What Services Do Derm Care Billing Consultants Offer? 

Are you looking for dermatological consultants to help you handle your billing? Derm Care Billing Consultants (DCBC) is a medical billing company dedicated exclusively to helping dermatology practices. It was founded by a successful medical billing company owner and a dermatology consultant who saw the need for a comprehensive system that would make it easier for dermatologists to navigate the complex world of coding and billing so that they could maximize their revenue, grow their practice, and focus on providing the best in patient care.

Here are ten services that Derm Care provides to help dermatology practices thrive:

  • Your Dedicated Account Manager handles all the details of onboarding from the second a new patient walks in the door and maintains records until the day they finish treatment.
  • Provider Credentialing verifies that those in your practice – the nurses, doctors, and other medical professionals that comprise your team – have the proper training, licensing, and experience to provide dermatology-related services, ultimately improving your ability to invoice your clients promptly.
  • The Reporting Dashboard can track daily performance, provide monthly reviews and reports, and help you identify areas for improvement.
  • Coding is always a challenge for medical billing, but Derm Care’s staff are billing and coding experts who stay on top of changes in modifiers so that you accurately submit claims and get paid quickly for your services provided
  • We provide a Fee Schedule Analysis so your practice and your clients understand what is covered by Medicare, which helps you appropriately invoice for the time, services, and treatments delivered and received.

  • Your staff receives Front Desk Training to learn their role quickly, become proficient at your information systems, and pay high attention to clients.
  • We assist and train your staff with Soft Collections using multiple collections techniques so that insurance information is correct, staff understand the appropriate deductibles, and provide various payment methods so patients do not leave the office with unpaid bills.
  • Denial Management helps you decrease denials and increase insurer payments by determining appropriate payments, verifying insurance eligibility, and avoiding coding errors.
  • We help you deal with Old Accounts Receivables so that outstanding payments get settled and so that, in the future, you don’t have lost revenue.
  • Let us be your billing point of contact and manage your Patient Statements and Calls so that your front desk staff can focus on providing their best customer service instead of chasing down clients for payments.


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